Castle Vale Community Housing (CVCH) is a community-led organisation where the customer and community is at the heart of everything we do and we have a strong resident majority board who hold us to account.

With input from the Neighbourhood Partnership, all our policies and values are strongly resident/tenant influenced. Our Castle Vale customer offer and Castle Vale Community Pledge reflects the importance of Castle Vale Community Housing within the Pioneer Group and we will continue to deliver and commit to our pledge for our customers and the community.

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Annual Tenant Survey

The annual CVCH tenant survey is one way where the views of our tenants can be heard.

Although we have multiple forums to achieve this such as complaints and satisfaction surveys, we would encourage as many of our tenants to take part. As a results of previous years surveys we were able to shape services to ensure that they were being delivered in line with our tenants priorities and we will continue to do so. Please click the link to take part.

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