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Are you interested in renting a garage on Castle Vale? Our garages provide great value for money, on average being 25% cheaper than garages let by other providers. We often have garages immediately available.

How much does it cost?

We review our garage rental costs each year. The cost differs whether you are a tenant of The Pioneer Group or not, as non-tenants have to pay VAT with the garage costs whereas tenants do not.


Am I eligible to apply for a garage?

Most people aged 18 and over are eligible to apply for a garage.

There are just a few exclusions. You are not eligible to join the waiting list if:

  • you have rented a garage from us before and had it repossessed because of rent arrears or some other reason
  • you owe any money to The Pioneer Group, such as rent arrears or repair charges (etc), unless these debts are paid off in full

We require you to use the garage for vehicle storage. You’ll be asked to prove that you own – or have use of – a vehicle and have current insurance. In some limited cases, we may let a garage for other uses, but these alternative requirements should be discussed with our team first.

We will never agree to the storage of hazardous materials.

How do you allocate garages? 

Often the allocation is on a first come first-served basis. There are just a few exceptions, whereby customers who already have a garage with us and need to transfer to a new one will be prioritised. We also give priority to people who rent a home from us, but anyone can apply and we often have vacancies immediately available.

We can’t tell you how long you might have to wait, particularly if you only want a garage on a particular Castle Vale site, as if this is the case, we may need to wait for one to become vacant. If you are flexible in where the garage is, then you are more likely to be offered a garage sooner, and in some cases straight away.

Once I’ve been accepted onto the waiting list, what do I need to do?

We will contact you if a garage becomes available. You must respond to our offer, even if it is to tell us that you are not interested in the garage offered. If on two occasions we don’t receive a response, you will be removed from our waiting list.

If you are offered three garages that meet your preferences but turn these down then you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

We occasionally review our lists. If we contact you to renew your application, you must reply within four weeks or you could be removed from the list. You can re-join in such cases but you will lose your place on the list.

It is important that you tell us if you move home or change your contact details so we can update our records.

How do I apply?

Fill in your details below and our team will be in touch: