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Readers Panel

If there is one thing that unites us all – it’s the importance of good communication.  Reading some long-winded document full of jargon is enough to turn anyone off.  Our reading panel helps make sure we are communicating as best we can and they comment on printed material produced by us before it gets published. We want you to be involved in helping us make sure our information is clear and user-friendly.  It is important that we are using the right words, in the right way, to get our message across.

Once a document has been considered by tenants, and any necessary changes made, it can be published as being ‘tenant-tested’.  Members can be sent information such as leaflets and policies to read and comment on and would be asked to think about:

  • How information is worded
  • How its presented
  • Whether it answers the questions they would have

This can be sent via post or email – whichever you prefer.  Whether you read and comment on information that is sent is entirely up to you.  It might be that you are having a busy time, are on holiday, not feeling well or simply don’t feel like it.  You decide whether you want to do it, not us so it is a very flexible way to participate.

If you are interested in joining a readers panel or want more information then please contact Vik Mistry (Resident Engagement Officer on 07796 007 or email: