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We’re Recruiting Tenant Champions to Help Improve Services in Our Blocks

Helping people stay safe

At Castle Vale Community Housing (CVCH) we are always striving to improve our services, and tenants can help us by providing honest feedback  about their experiences.

We are now looking for more people to support us by becoming Block Champions for their low rise blocks.

Block Champions are tenant volunteers who live in our flats and who are keen to provide feedback on matters that are impacting the lives of residents.

The main role of a Block Champion is to monitor the building’s communal cleaning areas, take note any repairs that are needed and additional work that is required to the grounds around the site.

We ask our Block Champion to simply complete an easy-to-use simple online form, weekly, and return it to us (via an electronic web link). Paper copies of this form are also available.

Block Champions provide a crucial, direct link into the community for our environmental and neighbourhood teams who remain committed to working together to maintain and improve our estate.

If you would like to become a Block Champion for CVCH, please email Vikash Mistry at or call him on 07596 007696.