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The Pioneer Group is awarded top marks by housing regulator

The Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) has confirmed that The Pioneer Group will retain the  highest possible G1 and V1 regulatory ratings.

The ratings are for both governance and financial viability and follow an ‘In Depth Assessment’ (IDA) earlier this year.

By awarding The Pioneer Group a Governance Grade: G1 and Financial Viability Grade: V1, the regulatory body has officially recorded The Pioneer Group as financially viable and well governed.

The rigorous inspection evaluated the Group’s ability to comply with and provide assurance against the Regulatory Standards, looking at the Group’s strategy, structure, risk and mitigation, financial resilience and governance.

Simon Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of The Pioneer Group, said:

I am delighted that our regulator has recognised our hard work and strategy with the highest possible ratings. This reflects the Group’s strengths, especially around our people and processes. This Regulatory assurance gives us continued impetus to deliver the final year of the current Corporate Plan and develop our future strategy to take us beyond 2020.

The in-depth review was conducted between December and February and saw auditors inspect documents and processes, analyse data and conduct interviews with board members and the Executive Leadership Team.

Alison Fisher, Chair of The Pioneer Group Board, added:

For many years now, The Pioneer Group has played a pivotal role in helping Castle Vale to be a successful community and a place where people want to live. We help to meet the housing needs of residents, we provide support in areas such as employment and independent living and we help build the community by providing a diverse range of services including a vibrant community centre, a sports stadium and nursery provision.

By working closely with the community, we are ensuring that the services we deliver are what is most needed and are of the highest quality. This independent validation is highly important for our team and gives us all further confidence to deliver a range of housing options and support to the residents of Castle Vale.

The full report can be downloaded from the RSH website by clicking here.