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Pioneer Group raises over £2,000 for Promising Futures

Staff from across The Pioneer Group have just completed a year of fundraising for nominated charity Promising Futures, and raised an exciting £2,413.

Promising Futures is a charity established to enhance the life chances and opportunities of young people up to the age of the 18 who live, work or go to school in Castle Vale. The funds will be used to provide grants to support those in hardship or to widen young people’s horizons.

Trevor Evans, Chair of Promising Futures, celebrated the donation news saying:

We are delighted to have the team at The Pioneer Group, who already do amazing things for the community, to firstly choose our charity in 2019 and secondly dedicate time and effort to raising funds for youth in Castle Vale.

This sizeable donation will make a huge difference to a number of young lives in the community and we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed.

Employees at The Pioneer Group raised the money throughout 2019 via a variety of fund-raising activities, ensuring that all employees could get involved. Their diverse events ranged from pyjama days to festival fun.

There was a running theme of food involved as staff members took the opportunity to host anything from bake sales to a spicy chilli off! The Executive Leadership Team got their aprons out in a head to head competition to see who would come out on top in their very own Hell’s kitchen!

Another tasty fundraiser was the staff’s weekly spud club. Selling over 700 potatoes to employees last year, it seems the way to the team’s heart is through a cheesy jacket.

The team knew they needed to raise funds, not calories for the local charity though so many sporting activities were arrange to burn the pounds off and into the charity’s grand total.

By arranging a Charity football tournament, The Pioneer Group were able to round up teams from all different businesses to fundraise through a five-a-side tournament.

Chief Executive Officer of The Pioneer Group Simon Wilson says:

I am so proud of my Pioneer colleagues. They have all worked so hard to raise this money and for such a worthy local cause, which is helping our youngsters to reach their potential while building a stronger community.

Promising Futures is just one of the fantastic initiatives in Castle Vale and residents will be able to benefit from it and others as part of our new 2020 corporate strategy to “make lives and communities better.