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Getting to know Support Services Team Leader: Shamsa Mughal

As part of our “Getting to Know” series today we find out more about Shamsa Mughal, who has been with Compass Support since 2015 she started as a family support worker.

Before joining Compass Support, the charitable subsidiary of The Pioneer Group, Shamsa worked with homeless people around Birmingham and has always found herself drawn to roles that help vulnerable people use support services to build the best life they can. Here we find out more about what makes Shamsa tick!


How does your team help the communities that we work in?

As part of a team, I support families and individuals through a range of services. By providing one-to-one sessions we teach families and individuals about coping strategies and how to help to improve relationships within their family. These sessions are beneficial to both parents and children as it may highlight areas of behavioural issues or even a breakdown of communication with parents.

We also represent residents at appointments and formal meetings, supporting them with financial issues such as making grant applications. Recently, we worked with a vulnerable client to understand how we could help her and focused in on home improvements. She had an old carpet which was becoming a trip hazard and we worked with her to identify a grant to replace it.


What are some personal values that are important to you?

Respect and empathy are critical to me. I believe in being diplomatic in the way that you speak with people, treating everyone with dignity.


What motivates you to be your best self?

You get what you give and positivity breeds positivity. These two mantras spur me on to do my best and try to create a positive and happy atmosphere around everything I do.


When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very young, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was very artsy and my mum was a seamstress; despite that, Art College was not for me. I grew up with siblings with high support needs, so I almost grew into a support role within my own family. And that is why I have worked in a caring and supportive role since I was 19.


What is your favourite memory of being involved in your community?

I got to accompany a trip for families that had children with additional needs to Bournemouth. A lot of these mums never been to the seaside, so it was really special. We got there and had the best day. It was lovely, not just for me, but for the twelve families that came along.


What approach do you take to look after your mental wellbeing?

I tend to distance myself from stressful situations. I would try to take regular breaks to stay focused and give myself time to think. Since working at home during COVID-19 things have become a lot more intense and I have appreciated days off more to relax and unwind.


What is one item on your bucket list?

I want to do Umrah and Hajj; both are pilgrimages to Mecca but Umrah can be done at any time of the year whereas Hajj has a specific period you travel in.


Who is an inspirational individual you look up to?

My mum. She’s had a tough life with lots going on and yet she is a very forgiving, simple kind of person. She’s quite relaxed whilst also strong.


How do you relax outside of work?

I love chilling in my pjs watching the TV or sitting in the garden fussing over my cat.


What do you enjoy about being part of The Pioneer Group?

It is an absolutely brilliant place to work. The management team really looks after staff and provides incredible opportunities.