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CVCH invites local residents to join Scrutiny Panel

At CVCH, we strive to make lives and communities better. We want our services to meet the needs and expectations of the people who live in our homes; to do this, we understand that we need to consult our customers, which is why we are inviting residents to join our Scrutiny Panel.

What is a Scrutiny Panel?

A Scrutiny Panel plays an important role in the way a Housing Association works. They consist of local residents who investigate how a particular service is planned and delivered. Reviews are then undertaken to see what works well, challenge weak performance and make recommendations about how it can be improved. The panel also checks that services reflect customer priorities and are delivering value for money. All the findings and recommendations are then presented to the Board on a regular basis.

Why join CVCH Scrutiny Panel?

There are many benefits to joining the scrutiny panel, for example, you can:

  • have your say about how to improve services for tenants and leaseholders
  • learn new skills for your CV and increase your knowledge about housing issues
  • learn from others experiences and share your own
  • meet new people and work as part of a team

How has a Scrutiny Panel supported Castle Vale previously?

In recent years, the Panel examined our income processes to improve service delivery for residents paying their rents. During the Pandemic residents consulted and contributed online towards a review of the Asset Management and Environmental Strategy.

What are some upcoming areas that the Scrutiny Panel will help with?

A future area of focus is a new programme of replacement bathrooms, windows and doors for spring 2022, as well as cleaning and grounds maintenance.  A forward plan of Panel meetings will be finalised by March 2022.

Am I eligible to join the Panel?

You may be eligible to join the Scrutiny Panel if you are a:

  • Tenant of Castle Vale Community Housing
  • Freeholder of Castle Vale Community Housing
  • Leaseholder of Castle Vale Community Housing

However, due to the nature of the work, the following criteria needs to be met.
Residents would NOT be eligible if:

  • Currently engaged in legal proceedings with CVCH for breaches of tenancy or lease.
  • In eight weeks or more of arrears and have made no agreement to pay towards reducing them.
  • Terms of a court order, for arrears, have not been met.
  • Served with a Notice of Seeking Possession in regards to anti-social behaviour.

How much time is involved to be part of Scrutiny Panel? 

CVCH’s Scrutiny Panel aims to meet approximately four times a year through either face to face or Zoom meetings (depending on Government Guidance). A forward plan of panel meetings are scheduled so dates can be made aware of in advance.

We ask an average commitment of 2 hours per meeting (6pm-8pm) which includes reading documents and communicating with other group members.

Between meetings there are voluntary research opportunities in Castle Vale if members have time during the working week.

How can I apply to become a Scrutiny Panel member?

If you are interested in being a member of the Scrutiny Panel or would like to find out more information, please contact Vik Mistry on or 0121 748 8100. As part of the application process, we will send you an ‘Expression of Interest’ form which you can return to us either via email or at our Castle Vale office, 11 High Street.